HCT Jobs in Abu Dhabi

If you are interested in working for the HCT, please search our current vacancies and apply online. Once you have created your candidate profile you will have 28 days to apply for a position. Please contact us at recruit@hct.ac.ae if you require any assistance. This link does not accept CV submission. For UAE Nationals, please use the UAE National Applicants SignUp to submit your CV.

We receive thousands of applications, so it’s really important that you stand out from the crowd. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Covering letters are a perfect opportunity for you to show your motivation and demonstrate why you’re the right person for the job. Remember quite often this will be your first introduction to us, so make sure it counts.

Faculty – Applied Media UAE
Faculty – Computer Information Science UAE
Faculty, Health Sciences (Medical Laboratory Science)UAE
Adjunct Faculty – Aeronautical EngineeringUAE
Adjunct Faculty – Applied MediaUAE
Adjunct Faculty – Aviation EngineeringUAE
Adjunct Faculty – BusinessUAE
Adjunct Faculty – Chemical EngineeringUAE
Adjunct Faculty – Chemistry EngineeringUAE
Adjunct Faculty – Civil EngineeringUAE
Adjunct Faculty – Computer Information ScienceUAE
Adjunct Faculty – Electrical EngineeringUAE
Adjunct Faculty – Industrial EngineeringUAE
Adjunct Faculty – Logistics EngineeringUAE
Adjunct Faculty – Marine Transport EngineeringUAE
Adjunct Faculty – Mechanical/ Mechatronics EngineeringUAE
Faculty – Aeronautical EngineeringUAE
Faculty – Aviation EngineeringUAE
Faculty – BusinessUAE
Faculty – Chemical EngineeringUAE
Faculty – ChemistryUAE
Faculty – Civil EngineeringUAE
Faculty – Electrical / Electronics EngineeringUAE
Faculty – Engineering PhysicsUAE
Faculty – Health Sciences Emergency Medical Services (Paramedic)UAE
Faculty – Health Sciences ( Midwifery )UAE
Faculty – Health Sciences (Health Information Management)UAE
Faculty – Health Sciences (Nursing)UAE
Faculty – Health Sciences (Social Work)UAE
Faculty – Industrial EngineeringUAE
Faculty – Logistics EngineeringUAE
Faculty – Marine TransportUAE
Faculty – Math & Natural ScienceUAE
Faculty – Mechanical / Mechatronics EngineeringUAE
Faculty General Studies (Mathematics)UAE
Faculty, General Studies (English)UAE
Faculty, Health Sciences (Medical Imaging)UAE
Faculty- Early Childhood EducationUAE
HADEF Program ( Engineering ) UAE