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Scoot Airline Jobs in Singapore

Scoot is the low-cost, medium-to-long haul arm of the Singapore Airlines Group. Scoot took to the skies in June 2012 and merged with Tigerair Singapore in

July 2017, retaining the Scoot brand and positioning it well for a new chapter of growth.
Scoot wants employees with big smiles and even bigger personalities. Employees with passion – passion for travel, people and for pushing boundaries. This is an airline with a different attitude – Scootitude. If you think you have what it takes to handle the excitement and challenges ahead, apply today!

Scoot as an employer
At Scoot, we embrace individuality and try our best to cultivate a fun and informal working environment characterised by Scootitude. We pride ourselves on fostering an egalitarian culture that prizes open discussions, teamwork and autonomy, where equal exposure and opportunities are given to fresh graduates and experienced hires alike. Yet, we never lose sight of our mission of providing the scootitude experience and making it our priority to pursue work excellence and the highest standards of safety.

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Aside from competencies and experience relevant to the specific function, we also look for talents who are innovative, who dare to be different, with a drive to succeed and excel.Scoot believes in open and honest communication, which in turn leads to work efficiency and a culture that thrives on frank exchange of ideas. This can be contrary to the norms that many would have experienced. The work environment in Scoot can also be incredibly fast-paced, one must be able to learn quickly and manage the autonomy afforded to him or her while being adaptable to change. In return, to work in Scoot means one runs the risk of overdosing on fun while being surrounded by zany colleagues! On top of that, other joy of working at Scoot include a non-restrictive dress code and staff travel benefits that brings you to all Scoot destinations at very attractive rates!

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