High demand for Indian tea in UAE; Export and import faster than usual

New Delhi/Dubai: All Gulf countries maintain close friendship with India.  Especially the UAE.  New trade talks have started between India and UAE.  While India imports energy resources including oil from the UAE, food items are shipped to the country.

But according to the latest report, UAE has made a huge increase in tea imports from India. Export companies in India are particularly interested in sending tea to the UAE due to the accuracy of the transaction. Interesting facts like…

The largest exporter of tea from India is the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). It is a group of countries. Second place is for UAE.  UAE is the largest exporter of Indian tea as a country. This is stated in the latest figures released by the Tea Board.

The figure of tea exported by the UAE from India during last January to September is 28.58 million kg.  Compared to the same period in 2021, this year is 159 percent more. CIS countries imported 38.06 million kg.  Earlier they unloaded 33.34 million kg.

Indian companies are considering reducing tea exports to Iraq and Iran. Payments are not made on time from both countries. Iran is in crisis because of the American sanctions. Iraq is just recovering from the ravages of war. Instead of these two countries, Indian companies are looking for other countries.

Demand from the UAE has increased amid confusion over non-payment by Iraq and Iran.  UAE’s deal has come as a relief to Indian tea exporters.  Indian companies are competing to export to the UAE.

Indian tea companies are worried that exports to CIS countries will also suffer. Due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, exports are facing some difficulties.  Looking at the total figures so far, Indian tea companies have exported more than last year.

Indian tea companies are also making some moves to capture the Chinese market. CIS consists of countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, North Asia and Western Asia.  The association was formed in 1991 when the Soviet Union was dissolved. CIS is headquartered in Minsk, Belarus.

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