Thursday , February 20 2020

Fedex Jobs in Canada

We are experiencing dramatic growth and we need great talent. Our Talent Community is a group of highly skilled individual members.
If you are a respected expert in your field and don’t have time to search for jobs or visit our website every week.
If you want opportunities to find you, we understand. Around the world, we are continually seeking smart, confident and collaborative people to join us.
Talented individuals with aspirations for personal and career growth, please take two minutes and join our Talent Community by telling us about your Ideal Opportunity and let us email you our positions that match your needs.

We take our commitment to diversity seriously. In fact, the company was built on a philosophy that puts people first and embraces diversity.

The FedEx family believes that, to meet the needs of a diverse customer base, we must reflect diversity within our organization. The variety of cultures in our employment ranks enables us to better understand the needs of our employees and maintain an inclusive environment. We are proud of the recognition our “people first” programs have received within the larger community.

At the FedEx family of companies, we value the diversity of employees, customers and suppliers. We realize diversity gives us our unique perspective on an ever-changing marketplace. A succinct and telling phrase rings throughout the FedEx family of companies. We believe there’s a time and place for diversity. All the time. Every place.

If this type of inclusive work environment appeals to you, check out our job opportunities and consider bringing your own unique abilities and perspective to the FedEx family of companies.

Job Title Job Title
Courier/Driver Talent & Culture Administrator
Lift Truck Operator Freight Handler 
Freight Handler Fleet Maintenance Associate
Human Resources Advisor Freight Handler 
Freight Handler Freight Handler 
Assistant Service Center Mgr Operations Manager 
Freight Handler  Talent & Culture Administrator
Operations Supervisor Operations Office Supervisor
Freight Handler Operations Associate
Field Safety Advisor Freight Handler 
Freight Handler Operations Assistant-Chief
Driver Customer Service