Tuesday , November 19 2019

Latest Careefour Jobs in UAE

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At Carrefour retail is central to human resources: knowing how to buy and knowing how to sell. We are passionate about our products, enjoy dealing with our customers and have a sense of service. We make our employees’ work easier, train them and assist them every day so that they are more available and better able to help our customers. We encourage them to show initiative, be friendly and foster links between Carrefour and our customers.

Giving power back to the stores to satisfy our customers
Carrefour sets great store by the reality of the marketplace – where the battle over every product and every price is waged every day. The Group’s structure is decentralised, so store teams are able to adapt their product offers to meet the needs of their customers and compete with local prices. We encourage them to sell local products and fully integrate into the local community by meeting their customers, talking to regional media and supporting sports clubs and local associations.

Encouraging our employees’ professional development
Happy employees mean happy customers so we do everything we can to promote their well-being. Listening, an on-going social dialogue, a respectful work environment and proper compensation are levers for our staff performance and for the trust our customers have in them.

Promoting diversity
As a responsible employer with around a hundred different nationalities represented within its teams, promoting diversity and equal opportunities has been part of Carrefour’s DNA since its beginnings. The group is actively committed, for example, to building teams comprising both men and women and has a reputation as a dynamic local employer that is committed to tackling youth unemployment and helping to get socially excluded people back to work.

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